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I never knew someone was after my life.
I visited my friend in her house last Saturday, she
welcomed me and took me in.
“What will i offer you?” she asked me.
I said just offer me anything you have.

She went inside and brought two glasses of orange
Juice, she put one of the glasses in my
front and put one in her front, then she went to bring
something inside her ro’om.
I never had any negative thought but something told me
to exchange the drinks, so i quickly took the juicy glass
she kept in my front and exchanged it with the one she
kept for herself.
when she came back, we drank together, but as she
was drinking the juice, she started filling
uncomfortable and she asked me: “Jenny did you
exchange the drinks?”
i said yes i did.
She screamed and shouted…”Oh! you have killed me”
I did not understand and she ordered me to leave her
house which i did.

The next morning i got a news that she is dead, people
confirmed that she confessed before she died,
she said that she wanted to poison her best friend but
the poison turned back at her as the best friend
exchanged the drink she gave her.
This was how God delivered me from being poisoned by
my best friend.

My Brothers and sisters God is so faithful, my prayer for
you today is that what you dont know will never know
you, any evil plan against you will backfire.
I pray for you today so far you are willing to type Amen,
May your enemies be visited by God Today and freedom
shall be your portion,
After today, people will hear your testimony.
Don’t scroll down without typing *Amen*
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