Lydia From Uniport Sending N@ k.ed Video To Bo’y friend



>>My name NADIA ,i got married to the love of my life
EMEKA.when we got married emeka was staying in his parents compoud coz he was a mamas boy. After
3years of marriege we were not able
to get a child. During that time we visited every hospital, every specialist,we ran every kind of tests
to know what was the matter but found none.Doctors kept saying that we are in perfect health and we
Shud wait alittle longer. we shifted to our own house in another town and we gave ourselves to GOD and started go to church.a man of God

prophesied to me and told me that EMEKA’s mom hated me and she had bewi’tched my womb to never
give birth. It made sense bcoz she was alway hating on me and telling
EMEKA that if i was unable to give her a grandchild, i shud go away and let EMEKA remarry. The man of God prayed for me and sure enough ,after 4 months i was pre;gnant. I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. emeka was very happy that he called his mum and told her

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the good news. Now its been a month since he called her and i havent sle’pt. My baby has been in and out of the hospital sick. Now its a rare skin desease,boils
in every part of my baby’s skin,bleeding cracks on his face and lips.this baby means everything to me and i dont want to loose him. I have been praying and fasting and i believe through prayers i will win this battle.’please guys help me pray for my baby’s life don’t ignore Me
Just look at my tears

>>>>Pls “dear God, listen to the cryies of this sister,don’t let her son be taken away from her,touch your healing hand on her baby. amen”
if you have heart and you feel for this woman type “AMEN”
If you don’t care about her baby just ignore
Don’t ignore for u shall not be ignored if it happens to u in any way
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