4 things you should know before planning a Nigerian wedding



A wedding ceremony in Nigeria is now a big deal. Many

families invest their all in weddings it is so difficult for the bride to have a say in the matter.



who crave for quiet weddings often get chanced by parents and family members who often insist that the extended family must be a part of the wedding ceremony. If you have seen the movie ‘Our family wedding’ then you would understand the saying ‘our wedding, their marriage’.

These days, a wedding done in Nigeria is more about the family than the couple who are getting joined. Mothers see it as a time to get paid for all the ‘owanbes’ they have attended. They expect their friends to turn up and celebrate them too.


For some families, a wedding is a political affair. It would be the time to have political figures assemble at an event and generate as much as possible from the event.

In view of all these, there are certain things you should take into consideration when planning a Nigerian wedding as it would help you at the long run.

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Here are some of the things you should know about what people expect to find at your wedding and what you should do:

1. Jollof rice is the main food

Please do not deceive yourself by going after all the assorted foods and drinks in the world. Nigerians basically want to see jollof rice at your party. There could be other delicacies though, just make sure you have more coolers of rice.

Not all


your guests are diabetic so discard the idea of having beans cooked. It would probably waste.

2. Guest control could be done with your ‘aso-ebi’

7 things you should know before planning a Nigerian wedding
We are used to having ‘ankara’ picked for weddings. If you do not want many people to crash your idea of a classy wedding, then the ‘aso-ebi’ set for N300k would do the trick.

This would, however, make everyone start talking about you at once. But on second thoughts, you may have to enforce security officials at the ceremony as people would naturally think moneybags would be coming for the wedding.

3.  Make provision for more guests

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If you think you can decide the number of people that would come for your wedding and make plans for just them, then the wedding is probably not happening in Nigeria.

Nigerians are known to be wedding crashers. Uninvited guests would turn up by saying they could not afford to be wicked to your family by not gracing the occasion. ‘Abeg’ who send them?

4. You do not need a big church for the church programme

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