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another video for you to watch but read this touching story first

I loved Stan with all my heart
we dated for 8 good years and He was the man that dis’virgi;ned me
Few weeks back, He proposed to me
and it was the happiest day of my life
i was full of smiles

When i got home everyday knew that something had happened to me
After so much excitements, i broke
the news to my family and we were all excited
After a date was agreed , Stan left for Lagos to come and formally
ask for my hand in marriage
I wouldn’t sleep that night, i was so happy
To finally settle down with me
only man i ever gave my heart to
I have not known any other man besides Evan
He was my life
We waited until? evening, no sign of seeing him
i called His both phones but switched off
i became so worried and curios.
for few hours later

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A call came in from his young brother that Evan was involved in a fatal accident which took his life instantly
I put off the phone and refused to believe
but the stories never changed when i called him back
To cut the story short We went for Stanley’s “unbelievable” burial
After the burial, i asked my family to go back to Lagos that i would stay back and mourn my late fiance
After they left Lagos and kept crying and kept crying
that same evening i received that my family

(Dad , mum and only two sisters) all died in an accident that involved our family car with a trailer
carrying fuel I wished for death but it wouldn’t take me
I’m sending this message with heavy tears in my eyes
Please pray for me because i might end up committing suicide
i pray that the Lord with all your heart and to every person
reading this, it shall never be your portion
In the might Name of God i pray
Please type *AMEN* and share my story with others but hide my identity !!!

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