Video: Linda Was Able to Pay Her Hostel Fees With Her Watch Her T@pe

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I entered a bus from lokoja to Minna. After some
mins, I decided to scare the passengers. So I
out my fone.. And started
faking a call.
” hello oga, I don dey press dat button since but
bomb no gree blow.
Na the blue one I go press or the red one? Ok the
red one? I go do am now” come and see

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Igbo man: (picks his fone to make a call) ” hello
Chuwkudi, run now to Apapa and wait for my
container. It’s like I will die today but make sure
collect my money from chukwuEmeka..
Yoruba woman: ” driver wêré,. So u cant stop for
sombody to come down? Oloshi.. I was just
inside until the hausa man
siting close to me said (to me).

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Hausa man: ” oga abeg dat time wey u dey make
where dem say make you press so dat the bomb
blow? Coz i don dey press my own sef since and
d tin
never blow. I jumped out of the
luxurious through window.!



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