Should you pray with your boy’friend? Joy Isi Bewaji doesn’t think so and she explains why

Should you pray with your boyfriend? Joy Isi Bewaji doesn’t think so and she explains why


Writer Joy Bewaji, who is also the managing director of Happenings Radio, shared an article on her Facebook page which is centered on girl’friends praying with their boy’friends and according to Joy, it is hypocritical for a girl to pray with her boyfriend who she constantly has s’*x with. Read the article after the cut and tell us what you think…

The only time I prayed with a man was in a marriage.
I don’t pray with boy’friends.

The few times boy’friends asked that we pray, I refused.

One time, I laughed so hard, I almost pe’e-d. How can you pressure me to pray with you in a relationship? I will cheer you on, motivate you, build with you… but I will not bring God into a f@c k!ng relationship (pu’n intended).

We are satisfying fl’esh – what the eyes can see, and ears can hear; meeting our needs. We are having del’icious sin… where does God come in?


For some it is a way of accepting their amazing wretchedness in the sight of God. It helps them feel better about their actions. At this point they are immune to wrongdoing… and have attained “a higher level of grace”.

I cannot stand being a hypocrite.

So you pray, not for forgiveness, but for some selfish need you want from God… OR to impress your partner, so they think of you as “godly” – the most important label we need to wear to be qualified as good people.

But you are f@c k!ng. And praying. And f@c k!ng some more. Some of you are che’ating on your spo’uses.

How do you reconcile this with your faith?

You have s* x and then you pray to a God, who insists forn’ ica’tion is out of line, to bless you.

We sm’ash and then we thank God for his Love.

We think this is a humble surrender of our constant sins to whom we serve. That we are able to match our prayers with our sins make us better than others.

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I think there’s a place in hell reserved for those who mo”ck God.

And the mo’ckers of God are “Nigerian Christians” who feel the need to pray their way to a preme”ditated act of sin (e.g: a healthy dose of for nica’tion and ad’ ult ery, with lu’bes to bo.ot).

The next hot’test part of hell should be reserved for those who blame the devil for everything. For ra’pi ng a 5 months old chi’ld. For killing their domestic employer just to steal N200k from her wardrobe. For behe’ading their cousins. These ones are the first born of depravity.

The devil is not omnipresent. You know that, right? All your sins are sautéed to perfection by your own will.
I read a conversation between a mar’ried man and his girl’friend…

They have an’al s*x regularly it seems. She says she won’t be around this weekend for (more) an’al s*xas she is blee’ding presently from the anus. He promises to send her N600k. She is elated. All of a sudden she forgets she is blee’ding. They are meeting for another an’al rend’ezvous. He tells her not to have s’ e’x with her boy,friend because he needs her to be…err, firm. She agrees…

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But first, she needs to go to church.


That sums up the life of the average Nigerian Christian.

Do you know in all the years I have watched Crime and Investigation, there’s not one se’rial killer, ra’p’ ist, paed’ophil’e, or c’on artist that blamed the devil for his actions? They accept they are sociopaths and they head to jail to serve time.

That’s intergity.

Have some integrity.

When you go na’ke’d by mid’night to curse a boy’friend for hu’rting you, which God are you praying to?

You are f@c’k!ng. Getting h’urt is one of the rewards of pleasing the fl’esh.


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