Why I Quit The Relationship (A Must Read)


Yes, she makes mistakes… but that’s because
she’s human. She doesn’t do it intentionally
to annoy you and moreover her mistakes
never hurt anyone, yet you keep reminding
her of them when all she wants to do is
forget. But you never let her…

and by
berating her constantly you are hurting her.
You make mistakes too, just like everyone
else… you just don’t realize because she
doesn’t bring them up constantly because she
loves and respects you. She doesn’t want to
hurt or embarrass you by throwing them in
your face constantly.

She has apologized for
her mistakes, yet you keep insulting her…
something she would never do to you
because she knows just how much mistakes
hurt when they’re brought up again and
again… This is the difference between a man
and woman… a woman let things go if they
only result in hurting others – but a man will
stubbornly remember everyone else’s
mistakes but his own.

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