Our partner fell in love with us for a reason and we need to ensure we keep doing the things we did that made our partner fall in love with us. Keep the elements of you that your partner fell in love with.
Relationship deserve a lot and you need to offer a lot to make your relationship last long, sometimes relationship get boring but you can make your relationship not to be boring.
1. Don’t ever get too busy for your lover.
Always ensure your relationship is your priority if you want your relationship to remain fresh. No matter how busy you are, carve out time to be with your partner.

2. Take care of yourself especially looking good, you have to be attractive to your lover.
3. Never stop touching your lover:
Regular physical contact with your partner is a good way to keep things fresh in your relationship. You shouldn’t just focus on having s e x as often as possible but you should also cuddle, kiss, holds hands, give massages etc without it leading to s e x.
4. Always care for your lover.

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5. If you want to keep things fresh in your relationship, you should never stop telling your partner how you feel. Never let a day go by without saying “I love you”.
6. Always be honest and truthful.

7. Don’t ever take your lover for granted: You can’t keep your relationship fresh if you take your partner for granted.
8. Always laugh and smile with your lover.
9. Surprising your partner from time to time will help keep your relationship fresh. Surprises help keep the excitement in your relationship alive.

10. Give your lover the attention they deserve.
11. Trying something new together is a good way to keep your relationship from going stale.

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