Ladies: These 5 Reasons why 60% of men always ch’eats on their woman

Cheating is getting worst every day, some people don’t see ‘che’at as wrong thing again.
A question asked by the ladies both married and singles is that WHY MEN C’HEAT IN MARRIAGE? A lot give me their opinions.

1. These Are The Problems said by the men both married and singles ripe for
marriage. The men said the wives at home do push them out to cheat simply because after given birth to two or more children they stop looking attractive at home that even
many of the wives at home will stop looking attractive after just one kid which is bad and as we all know that men goes crazy for attractive on their wives/women and this also has nothing to do with the age the man married his wife or if She’s educated or not cause looking good at home as a wife
simply has nothing to do with age or


2. The men said the wives at home always believe that they are finally married so after given birth they stop looking attractive at home and this is done by over 75 percent of wives at home and by so doing they push
the husband outside to look for attractive ladies out there. Every husband will always like the wives at home to look attractive like the way they were before they got married.
Especially like me sweet boi JD i’ll like to my wife to continue looking good till old age.

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3. Another vital reason why men cheats is that over 50percent wives at home gives more attention to their kid/kids and then forget about the husband that needs attention most.
They give the kids all the love,care and
attention and the forgetting the man that sle’eps with them to bring those kids and they will forget when they were still dating their husband calling them baby I can’t sleep am thinking about you,baby I miss you, baby I love you, baby you are my life etc so it means those love was just for children forgetting that they met their husband before the children and one day those children will grow up and then leave the house and by then it’ll remain their husbands they love all because of children.

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4. This vital reason can make every husband cheats cause all men both married and unmarried needs attentions,love pampering,care etc so once they find that in another woman outside wedlock they cheat so whose fault?

5. Another vital reason is that many women change their previous good
character after their husbands married them. Most ladies tries to be good, loving and nice while dating/courting but once they become wives they start showcasing their hidden character which might also be another vital
tool for cheating from husbands that want a place to find peace

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