V!deo: expo’sed marando girl s3x t@pe le’aked


After church today, i was alone..

made live video …



Now that we are no longer together and you
have separated yourself from me and my life
completely… don’t think for a moment that I
will break down or keep crying for you the
way I did… I know in my heart that I did
everything to keep our relationship going… I
gave you everything you ever needed or
asked for – but you never respected my
feelings or the time and energy I put in… You
always took me for granted. It hurts a little
now to think that I invested such a large part
of my time and energy into you… that it’s a
part of my life that I will never get back… but
despite that, I have no regrets as I know I
loved you truly and wholeheartedly… Perhaps
we were never meant to be or maybe I made
a wrong choice and I’m now suffered for it
because now that you have finally left me,
there are things that I miss and I know will
remain a part of my memory forever… Like
the nights I spent in your arms listening to
your heartbeat… or the nights we spent
holding hands on the beach, walking and
talking non-stop…

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Every memory I have with
you will remain there in my heart forever… I
will keep the happy memories of us with me
for the rest of my life so that should we ever
we meet again, we could at least face each
other and greet one another in a friendly
manner… I don’t want to torture myself
anymore… but memories last forever… and it
is only the good ones I choose to keep with

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