Come see Another G!rl’s bat’hroom v!deo, A must w@tch

Come see Another G!rl bat’hroom v!deo, A must w@tch

Before then read this first..


Love is not just saying those three little words
“I LOVE YOU”… It is so much more than that.
So don’t get sad or disheartened when he
doesn’t bring you flowers or say these words
very often… Don’t think he doesn’t love you –
because he does.

Trust that he loves you
because he calls you often just to talk to
you… just to know where you are, how you
are and what you are doing… When he asks
you what you did during the day without him,
what you ate and where you went – that is
really him telling you that he loves you. Love
is when he kisses your forehead after you’ve
fallen asleep or it is in the cup of coffee he
makes you in the morning whilst he reads you
all the important news… Love is when he
wants to cook you your favorite breakfast or
picks up your favorite chocolate on the way
home from work. He loves you because he
never forgets what you like to eat and wear,
or where you always dreamed to go just so
he can try his best to make those dreams
come true. Love is when he asks you to take
care of yourself whenever he goes out… Love
is not just saying I LOVE YOU – it is in
everything that shows his concern, his loyalty
and his trust in you…

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Love is when he
proudly holds your hand in a crowded place
because he could not stand to lose you –
even for a single moment… THE TRUE DEPTH
EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU… because to him…
everything is about you!!



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