Sandra From Somanya Mast@rbationn V!deo Sent To Her Friend’s Husband ExpOO;osed


Sandra From Somanya Mast@rbationn Vi’deo Sent To Her Friend’s Husband Exp;osed




When a woman decides to leave a
relationship she doesn’t move out in an

there will always have been warning
signs that showed she was falling out of
love… A woman will no longer find a man
attractive if he no longer takes pride in his
own appearance…

She doesn’t expect him to
stay young forever – but if he no longer puts
effort into attracting her, she will no longer be
attracted to him and when that happens –
she stops putting efforts into the relationship
to make it work…

So pay attention to the
warning signs because when she stops fussing
about what’s going on in her man’s life…
when she doesn’t like to communicate much
and all her answers are limited to just “YES or

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when she stops appreciating him for
his efforts and doesn’t seem to care about
what he does anymore… when she stops
caring and doing things for him – that is
when a woman stops loving a man. All her
desire to treat him like he’s somebody special
simply dies…

And before you know it she’ll
start doing things with no care for the
consequences and without considering his
happiness anymore… and that is when she’ll
walk away.”



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