A Must Read: The history of the GSM in the Nigerian market

I would like to be corrected if I am mistaken, that it was in the year 2001 that the GSM first arrived the Nigerian market.

It was a breakthrough as a new commodity to be traded arrived,thus creating not only business Avenues but also jobs for those started learning how to repair the commodity in the case of breakdown. It is my intention in this article to discuss the market history or I can say “The evolution of GSM” in the Nigerian market.
…………The first generation GSM…..……

The history of GSM IN Nigeria began in 2001 when the simplest form of mobile phones arrived in different brands. This category of GSM apart from its ability to communicate to a distant user had nothing more special as a feature though the radio and the the touch light is contained in it.

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We marveled each time we spot the rich making use of it, it was like a miracle to everyone then.

Due to it’s expensiveness it was then exclusive to the rich for anyone who afforded it then is classified as the rich. But not until it began to fall in price and glory as the poor started reaching it as well.

………..The second generation of GSM..…..


By the year 2004,another category had started circulating the phone market, in different brands they came. This category had something wonderful that surprised Nigerians .

They had cameras, audio and video recording ability, audio and video players, better graphics and better games. Some had memory cards while others don’t. They were also internet enabled though the use of the Please Continue Reading Here

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