3 Things you need to stop doing in your relationship,these 3 Things kills relationship

1. Lack of trust
This is totally different from infidelity; when your partner cannot vouch for you in a relationship, then it is bad. You should be able to predict to an extent the things your partner can do and the places he or she would visit. This is the foundation of most relationships, if the

foundation is faulty or shaky, the relationship you have built will definitely break.

2. Immaturity A relationship whereby a party resorts to being childish when problems spring up can never work out. Some people do not know how to handle certain situations and they end up messing it up the more. A partner who starts to call his or her partner all sorts of names when they fight lacks is not a mature person. Name calling is bad for anyone and it would kill that relationship before you know it; ‘Miss know it all’, ‘I too know’ and ‘Mr. perfect’ are names you should never call your partner.

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3. Lack of communication While your partner may constantly frustrate your effort when you try to reach out to her, you should never stop talking. The moment there is a break in communication that relationship is as good as over. Talk, talk and keep talking; do not hold back when it is time to relate with your partner. Many relationships have broken as a result of lack of communication
NOTE: Misplaced priorities This is another thing that could kill a relationship; many people do not know what to do at the right time. In relationships, you should learn to set your priorities right. Some would rather invest their time in pressing phones when they ought to spend quality time with their partners. When your partner starts to feel like he is not so important in your life, the relationship is heading for the rocks.

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  • c.j says:

    Honey my heart beat just for you, my body always yell for you, it doesn’t matter how many years that have pass by, our love is still as new as yesterday. I adore you with all my heart.
    You are the most beautiful woman in the world, now that I found you, you change my world, it always amazing whenever am around you. I cant stop loving you not for even day. You mean so much to me. I love you.

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