Dear L@dies This Is For You; 10 Facts Every Wo’man Above 25 Should Know

When you were a little girl, watching your mum dress up for work must have been elegant, ad’ulth’ood must have seemed like a soph’isticated arcady. You must have longed for the day you too would be a grown up, be elegant, have credit cards, have a job, and go on holidays. But little did you know that it will be all work, work work and work. Your teen years to your early 20s are some of the best years in your life as you have unlimited fun and live life to the fullest.


As you approach your 30s, it is expected you start to see life differently. It will be wrong for you to head into your 30s still acting like a teenager.
Below are 10 truths every woman above 25 should know

1. Stop Caring About What Others Think About You

You need to stop caring about what other people think about you. You should learn to be yourself. When you start being yourself and less of what others think of you, life gets better because the expectation of pleasing others is removed.


2. Settling Down

At this stage in most women’s life, they start thinking of settling down. Just because your friends are getting married doesn’t mean you should rush into one. Get married because you feel you are ready and you have found the right one and not because that person is the only choice you have.

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3. Don’t Get Into A Relationship Blindly

Being in a relationship just for the sake of having a boyfriend was cool in your younger years but I believe at this stage of your life, you should see potential in a relationship before heading into it. If you don’t see longevity in the relationship you are in, it’s best you quit.

4. Stop Trying To Please Everyone

You’ve been a nice girl, and you keep wondering why doesn’t that person like you? It’s not one worth worrying about. By the time you reach your 20s, it’s time to just accept that everyone is a little weird and understanding anyone comprehensively is virtually impossible.

It’s better to really know who your friends are than worry about being popular. Invest time in the people you love. Stop trying to please everyone because it’s really impossible doing so. You should also understand that when you say no, you do not have to justify your no.


5. Let Go Of Negative Friends

It’s time to let go of the negative friends in your life. You do not have to put up with all those negative vibes.

6. Work Work Work And More Work


Your 20s are for long days, early starts, and weekend shifts. Why? Because you are loaded with drive and ambition. Now is the time to graft and put in the hours.

7. Make Giving A Habit

It’s rewarding investing your time in putting a smile on someone’s face. When you make giving a habit, you begin to see life differently.

8. Learn To Save

At this stage in your life, you should have savings. I wonder what you are waiting for if you don’t have savings. Start saving for the unexpected today.

9. Love Who You Are

Love who you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others does nothing but destroy your self-worth. There will always be someone prettier, or curvier than you. Learn to accept yourself for who you really are. Stop trying to be someone else.

10. Learn To Compromise

A relationship is a two-way street. It shouldn’t be just you trying to make the relationship work. Compromising is important in every relationship but you should understand that your partner also have to meet you half way. It’s time you quit that relationship if it is one-sided.


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