Ladies if you want your relationship to last,Stop doing this 3 mistakes, It can make a man dump you

Many of us believe that if we have been in a long relationship, then there are chances we might no make mistakes which may lead us to an unhealthy relationship. No matter what stage of life we are in, there is a strong chance that we might make mistakes which others make in a newly established relationship

1. Not considering your well-being
Sometimes, women believe that if they are in a relationship for a very long time, then taking care of their physical appearance is not that important It may not be the case every time unfortunately. There is nothing as pleasing as staying in your pajamas all day long, not combing your hair and not getting your nails done.
At the same time, these things do matter sometimes. If you stay in a form where it may appear that you do not take care of yourself, the there is a chance that the relationship will start to go to an unhealthy side. Women should avoid that because your partner would be happier and will cherish you more if you take care of both you physical as well as mental well-being.



2. Complaining too much
Nobody likes people who complain all the time. There are some things over which you just cannot do anything and these things need to be acceptes as they are. Women who complain too much to their Partners usually end up in bad relationships Even the most patient guys give up when their partner complains too much to them. Constant complaining should be avoided if a woman want a relationship to stay healthy. This will give both the man and the woman peace of mind as well a a better life.
3. Not Appreciating his efforts
When you observe that a person is making an effort to keep you happy and keep their life balanced with you then the least that they deserve is a little bit of appreciation. Some women either consciously or subconsciously avoid appreciating others.
It is not mainly their fault, there are some women who are really hard to please but at the same time there are some women who may not be as careful as they should be when it comes to appreciating others.
A few words of appreciation can make someone’ day and it can make someone believe that their efforts are not going to waste and are being noticed by you. If you appreciate your partner, then it would make your partner really happy and your relationship would remain healthy.



4. Getting jealous even at the small things.
Some women have the tendency to believe that every woman who their man talks to is probably having a romantic relationship with him. There are women out there who get jealous of the tiniest b of interaction of their man with another woman. The question is, who gets tortured due to this jealousy?
And the answer is the man himself.

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