Guys When a girl shows she likes you but still don’t want date you,Bro do this 3 things she will fall in love even begging you to love her

Have you ever been told by the girl you’re crazy about that she likes you but she just can’t think of having a relationship with you?
The minute she tells you that, you’ll conveniently choose to ignore the last part and focus only on the part where she said she likes you. You’ll put yourself in ‘extreme psycho’ mode. You’ll get clingy, you’ll keep calling and texting her, you might even do some extremely bold and romantic gestures of love just to get her attention and you’ll be sure of the fact that you have the ability to turn this ‘liking’ into something more.
Listen to me when I tell you this: these are all very BAD ideas, ideas that you will most definitely regret in the near future. However, all hope isn’t lost just yet. I’m here to tell you the things that can still give you a chance:

1. Stop going crazy over what’s in her head
If a woman says that she likes you, it can mean one of two things – one, that this might be the start of something new for her and something she’ll consider pursuing in the future, or the othe more dismaying possibility, that she just didn’t want to straight up break your heart by telling you that she has no romantic interest in you whatsoever.






Whichever the case might be, you won’t just figure it out by obsessing over her every word an move or by wondering and guessing for days what might be going on in her head. Just forget about what she’s thinking and let this story run it own course.
The best thing you can do right now is to free your mind from all your crazy thoughts, to focus on the way you feel and just be yourself. Don’t force yourself on her and don’t try to force a definite answer out of her. If she wants to be wit you, she’ll give you the appropriate signals hersel
Maybe you’ll always be just a friend to her or maybe you’ll be something more one day. Whatever the future holds, just enjoy the time yo have right now. Just stay casual, have fun with her and show her how great you both have always been together. You’ll be surprised at how much better this plan will work out in your favor.

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2. Challenge her instead of running after her
When you see a guy running after a girl all the time, you can see clearly how she will never come to love or even like him the way he does. It looks pretty obvious from a third person’s perspective but when it’s you in the exact same situation, when it’s you who has started liking a girl and want her more than anything in the world, you won’t be able to stop yourself. You’ll run after he You’ll get possessive and clingy. You won’t even be able to stop yourself from downright begging. You’ll go to any lengths to make all her wishes come true. And the more you’ll run towards her, the more she’ll want to run away from you.
What you need to understand is that nobody wants to be with someone who is so easy to have, who is so damn accessible and who they know will stick around no matter what. So instead of revealing to her how desperate you can be, instead of begging for her attention all the time, try to get her interested by challenging her. Challenger her over the way she thinks, challenge her for the opinions she has and challenge her over the things she does.
If you disagree with her over something, let her know instead of agreeing politely just to get her to like you. She won’t appreciate you for the opinions you kept hidden and she won’t appreciate you for sucking up to her over every single thing. In fact, these are the things that will probably make her lose respect for you. Let her know that you have a personality.
Let her know that you’re different. And let her know about all the possibilities that she has left undiscovered.

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3. Know when to stop and move on
At one point or the other, it will become absolutely clear to you if the woman you’ve been running after for so long will ever take things further or if she’ll always keep you locked away i this friend-zone that you despise so much. If it turns out to be the latter, then this will be your que to stop.
Stop pursuing something that has very little chance of happening.

Stop making this harder o her and yourself. And stop wasting her time as well as yours. If she respects you enough to not tell you off directly, then you should respect her enough to just let go.
The world is full of amazing people and you need to accept the fact that this one person just wasn’t meant for you.

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