Must Read: 10 Tips that will make you have sweet successful relationship

Many people has been asking me , how to have successful relationship, I have decided to write on this issue, below are the tips you can use to have successful relationship.
1. God First : In everything you’re doing in this life , involve God, you need him to have successful marriage, don’t think you don’t him because one day you will surely need him, always pray and hand everything to him.



2. Always communicate with your lover.
3. Don’t forget to reminded your lover that you really love him/her, don’t say not necessary because someone out there is admiring your lover.
4. Always respect your lover, very important in relationship.
5. No false accusation, you need to trust your lover if they deserve to be trusted.
6. Never cheats or humiliate your lover.
7. Be real and honest all the time, don’t hid or keep unnecessary secrets.

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8. Take care of your lover , be romantic and caring .
9. Don’t take the love and care for granted.
10. Appreciate everything whether small or big, Please love unconditionally. Never give them the reason to start regretting loving you.
I have a lot to write on this but I have to stop here ,part two coming soon.

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