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Any moment spent without you feels like I
am dying of loneliness… I never want to be
away from you, not even in my dreams… I
just want you to hold me forever and ever. I
feel lost whenever you go away for work…



keep waiting for you to call me because I long
to hear your voice. I see you in my every
dream because yours is the only face my eyes
want to see. I want to give you everything in
this would that could possibly make you
happy and I promise you… I will never do
anything that may hurt you or anything that
needs to be questioned…I want to live only
for you… I want to live my life with you by
my side.

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  • Ubaso says:

    Many of you know, love and respect the Alaafin of Oyo,
    Oba Adeyemi. You also might have heard about his most prominent
    children, like Princess Folashade or Prince Akeem. But did you know that Alaafin has (at least) twenty grown children? In this article, we will tell you
    all about Alaafin of Oyo children.

    Who is the Alaafin of Oyo?

    First of all, let’s get the technicalities out of the way.

    Alaafin (literally translated as the Man of the Palace
    in Yoruba), is the name for the emperor of the Oyo empire.
    Even though the empire now mostly exists in the history books and in Yoruba people’s hearts, it is an important traditional post.

    Since 1970, Lamidi Olayiwola Atanda Adeyemi the Third, more commonly known as Oba Adeyemi, has occupied this post.
    He was born in 1938 on October 15, which makes him 78 years
    old. He has four wives. He has been together with his first wife,
    Ayaba Abibat, for more than fifty years. Like Adeyemi, she
    is also 78 years old. Whereas his most recent wife is
    also the youngest. She will be 28 in November this year.

    His four wives have given him many children, and today we will tell you more about 20 of them that have already achieved something great.
    They are all considered princes and princesses, so we will drop the
    honorifics to not repeat ourselves.

    Children of Oba Adeyemi

    Babatunde Israel Adeyemi

    This Alaafin of Oyo son has graduated from Uthman-Dan-Fodio
    University in Sokoto. He is a certified lawyer and a professional in his trade.

    Currently, he is in his fifties, working
    as a pastor, as well as working at Oodu’a Investment Ltd.
    Babatunde has a beautiful wife Omolara, who is the Justice at High Court of Oyo state.
    They have a wonderful family and kids. He is humble and kind.

    Folashade Adeyemi

    Alaafin of Oyo’s most famous daughter received higher education in the United States.
    She is the CEO of Arewa House of Culture. In addition to that, she is involved in politics and she the leader of women in Oyo.
    Folashade could be described as a smart and
    cultured woman who stays true to her heritage.

    Folashade Adeyemi (right)

    Segun Adeyemi

    He graduated from the University of Ibadan and has a degree in Political
    Science. Up until now, he was employed at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, where he worked at the Administration Department.
    However, it has recently been closed indefinitely, so his
    current situation is unknown.

    Taibat Adeyemi-Agaba

    She spent her adolescence in America. Taibat went to City College in Los Angeles.
    She has at least 10 years of experience working as
    a social worker. She has recently moved back
    to Nigeria and has been running her own business ever since.

    Abisoye Adeyemi

    A lot of people call this son MC Loyo, and he is the firstborn and first
    contender to the throne. He studied at Oyo’s School of Surveyor and he works at Nigerian Customs.

    Jumoke Adeoye-Adeyemi

    Not much is known about her, apart from the fact that she studied at
    the University of Ilorin and that she has her own business and a happy family.

    Adeleke Lukman Adeyemi

    He has a Masters degree in Economics from a British university in addition to his University of Ilorin diploma.
    He is employed at First Bank as a financial consultant and he is
    very good at what he does.

    Adetutu Adeyemi-Aigbe

    Like her other brothers and sisters, she received a degree from the University
    of Ilorin. In addition to that, she has a
    Masters degree from a university in United Kingdom. Adetutu used to be the Commissioner for Culture
    during Governor Ajimobi’s term in Oyo State.

    Fatimoh Adeyemi

    Like Taibat, Fatimo spent her life in the US and she still lives there now.
    She graduated from the State University of Texas and has a degree in Literature.
    She is also a social worker.

    Akeem Adeyemi

    As we mentioned before, Prince Akeem is rather famous among
    Nigerian people. He has a degree in Geology from the University of Benin.
    He is a member of All Progressive Congress party,
    and he used to be the Chairman at the Atiba Local Government.

    Adebayo, commonly known as the Guv, has a degree in Chemistry.
    He studied at the Uthman Dan Fodio University in Sokoto.
    He is known as a politician and he runs a successful laundry business.

    Adetona Adeyemi

    Tillaman, as most of his fans know him, is a popular Nigerian musician. He received his music education in the
    UK. Recently, he has been appointed to the post of
    Youth Musical Ambassador. Adetona is known for his sensual voice and interesting song lyrics.

    Rukayat Adeyemi

    She studied Accounting at a Canadian university and she works as an audit consultant.

    Adetoun Adeyemi-Atunwa

    As we go lower down the list, the information about the Alaafin of Oyo children dwindles.

    All that is known about Adetoun is that she graduated from the University
    of Ife and has a legal practice.

    Adebayo Adeyemi

    More popular by the name Bambino, he has a degree
    in Philosophy and Media Studies from a university in London. Adebayo works
    as a photographer in the UK. He even has his own photo studio.

    Adebisi Aminat Adeyemi

    A degree from the University of Ilorin seems to be popular among the members of this family.
    Currently, she is studying for her Masters at the same institution. In addition to receiving higher education, Adebisi has also achieved success in the form of her own makeup store.
    It is called AMEF Beauty store and it is located in Ibadan at Ajoke Plaza.

    Adeteju Rukayat Adeyemi

    After receiving a degree from Bowen University in Iwo, Adejetu decided to go for a Masters at the University of Ilorin. She is
    involved in media relations, and she has
    a position at the College of Education in Oyo.

    Kehinde Adeyimika Adeyemi

    All we know about Kehinde is that he has a degree
    and has a position at Fisolak Global Resources Ltd.

    Taiwo Adeyemi

    In addition to having a degree, Taiwo works in Oyo state at the National Examination Council.

    Adedoja Adeyemi

    And last but not least, the youngest daughter.
    We have information that she is still at the university.
    She is working towards a degree in International Studies and History from the Osun State University.

    We know of at least three more underage children of Alaafin of
    Oyo. There might be even more to come, though, as 78 is
    just a number. However, they are too young to have already achieved much.
    So keep an eye out for the youngest Adeyemi kids
    and their successes. We will make sure to tell you all about it.

  • David Naylor says:

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